BTE 'Platinum' Level - Behind-the-Ear SoundGearBTE 'Platinum' Level - Behind-the-Ear SoundGear$349.00 BTE 'Silver' Level - Behind-the-Ear SoundGearBTE 'Silver' Level - Behind-the-Ear SoundGear$299.00 In-the-Canal SoundGear for Industrial UseIn-the-Canal SoundGear for Industrial Use$399.00 In-the-Canal SoundGear for ShootersIn-the-Canal SoundGear for Shooters$399.00
Replacement Sleeves for SoundGear Instant FitReplacement Sleeves for SoundGear Instant Fit$25.00 SoundGear Batteries - CaseSoundGear Batteries - Case$25.00
  • Electronic Hearing Protection

    Protect your ears from the deafening sound of gun blasts and industrial noises with SoundGear, the 100% digital hearing protection product from Starkey Hearing Technologies.

    Convenient to carry and comfortable to wear, SoundGear delivers the necessary protection you need in the field, factory, range or wherever noise is a problem. Hear it for yourself.

  • Increased Environmental Awareness

    SoundGear hearing protection products also deliver 100% digital noise enhancement, so conversation is easy, and you won't miss a rustle, release or command.

    You get both outstanding noise reduction and superior environmental monitoring in the one hearing protection product every shooter or person who cares about their hearing should own.