Why SoundGear?

Get Less Bang With Your Buck.

As a hunter or shooter, you know that hearing is a big key to your success. The new SoundGear by LaPierre is a shooting protection product that is 100% digital and enhances environmental awareness while also protecting your hearing from gun blasts.

All Digital. Instant Fit.

SoundGear is a brand new category of electronic hearing protection that combines the instant-fit convenience of a behind-the-ear device with the comfort of a customized device. Wear it once and you’ll never want to wear another hearing protection product.

  • Delivers dynamic digital protection for your ears
  • Eliminates annoying feedback for a virtually whistle-free experience
  • Provides easy-to-wear comfort, unlike bulky earmuffs and earplugs
  • Offers instant-fit convenience: they’re ready to wear right out of the box
  • Washable silicone sleeves eliminate the need for replacing foam that gets dirty
  • Features a Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) of 25 dB
  • On/Off is as simple as inserting or removing the battery
  • Volume is fixed at a comfortable listening level so the shooter can focus on the task at hand