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    Sponsoring The Very Best
    SoundGear is proud to sponsor our Pro Staff athletes.

    Sound Gear provides me with an advantage by allowing me to hear everything in the environment of shooting competitions. From high power rifles to rimfire pistols, Sound Gear provides me with the best electronic hearing protection for me to perform at any competition.

    - Rich Wolf
    • World Champion - 2016 International Revolver Championships


    I want to stay in the game for as long as I can and that means protecting my hearing. SoundGear delivers top-of-the-line sound quality, protection and comfort.

    - Bill McGuire

    • Two-time Sporting Clays World Champion


    "As a professional shooter and firearms instructor, it's pretty common for me to be on the range either shooting or teaching every day of the week. Having comfortable ear protection that still allows me to communicate is a huge deal, and SoundGear's custom ear protection is the best solution I've used. I use them on the range, out hunting, and working with loud equipment like grinders. They're so comfortable that I often forget I'm wearing them!"

    -Brian Nelson

    • USPSA
    • 3-Gun
    • SASS
    • Winner of state, region, national and world titles.


    -Derrick Mein

    • 2016 World FITASC Champion
    • 2 time USA Sporting Clays team
    • 2016 USA Sporting Clays FITASC team

        Mike Wilgus
        • 2016 USA Sporting Open Team

        • 2016 First Team Open All-American

        • 2015 US Open Champion

        • 2015 Masters Cup Champion

        • 2015 USA Sporting Open Team-Gold

        • 2014 National 5-Stand HOA Champion