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    Hear what our SoundGear users have to say

    From our Pro Staff to our everyday customers, everyone absolutely loves our SoundGear products. Let's face it, SoundGear is the best electronic hearing protection available today. But don't take our word for it.

    "I had forgotten that I still had sound protection in my ears. It was that good." – Laura Schara, TV host

    “My SoundGear equipment is AMAZING!! I absolutely LOVE it and will never go back to conventional earplugs again.” – Kaci Cochran, Pro Staff

    "I have had two events now where SoundGear was worn virtually 10 hours a day, for five days. It's so impressive. I think most of my other hearing protection just became obsolete." – Michael Lehner, Director, Safariland Shoot School

    “I have the Industrial version. Nice and discreet and allows for better communication. Took the ear pressure off of the compressed air blowgun.” – George B.

    “I bought a pair for waterfowl hunting and they are great. I can hear the birds flying and, when the gun goes off, they muffle the blast.” – Kyle K.

    “I’ve been using in-the-ear protection for two years and plan to purchase the custom ear piece soon. Absolutely great product.” – Ron S.

    "I was amazed at how much it eliminated in gunfire without the loss of conversation! I spent over 90 minutes at the range. I’m not one to put much of anything in my ears, but this is one product that’s worth every cent!"  – Shawn H., NRA Lifetime Member

    “Just replaced 20+ year old SoundScope ear plugs with the new digital SoundGear. I received the new custom molded plugs in just under a week after shipping impressions. Audio quality is beyond superb. I can hear the trap launch a target on the sporting clays course. Attack and recovery time is instant, no delay. Have owned just about everything on the market. These are the best. Wish I'd replaced the old ones sooner.” –Chip P.

    “These electronic ear plugs for shooting don’t just provide protection against hearing loss, they make shooting much more enjoyable.” – Corey G., Reviewed on GunDigest.com.

    “SoundGear is great because I can have ear protection in but still hear what’s going on around me.” – Matt Duff, Co-host of Major League Bowhunter and Friends of NRA TV